Instagram for Chrome for Mac Free Download

Instagram for Chrome for Mac is a simple browser enhancement which enables users to see and interact with their Instagram feeds from Google Chrome.

Instagram for Chrome for Mac Free Download

Instagram for Chrome for Mac Free Download

There was no official Instagram site, so users interact and can view with their own Instagram photos and feeds out of their mobile phones. Until today. Instagram for Chrome lets users see their Instagram feed from within the browser. You can “such as” and comment on photographs. Users can even access nearby and famous Instagram for Chrome for Mac photos.

There are some user interface issues Even though Instagram for Chrome for Mac for Chrome functions nicely. The entire program itself is nothing more than a replica of this Instagram interface. However, users can not go back a page. You will have to select page. While you’re able to view photographs within Instagram for Chrome for Mac for Chrome, you can not download them or display them at the higher resolution.

Instagram includes a search engine that allows the user to enter the names of Instagram users from who you want to download photos. If the privacy options of the accounts in question allow it, then Instagram Downloader provides links to all of the images that are hosted there. The utility also provides links for the “Photos of the Day” and the most famous pictures on Instagram.

Instagram for Chrome for Mac Free Download

Another thing to notice is that there’s no way to log out of this extension. Of course you’ll be able to uninstall Instagram for Chrome, however, that’s not an ideal solution if you want to change accounts.

Overall, Instagram for Chrome is a fantastic way to see photos from your Instagram account, but the port quirks get annoying quickly.



  • Total access to Instagram attributes
  • Double click a photo to”such as” it
  • Ability to See nearby and favourite pictures


  • Can not upload any photos
  • Can not download pictures
  • No simple way to log out
  • How you can expand pictures

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